What to check when a text message/SMS does not come out from AMODIT


In this article we present information about things that should be checked in the AMODIT system when you encounter some problems with sending text messages (SMS). Such text messages may come out from SendSMS() or GrantTemporaryAccessToCase() rule functions.

What to check when a text message does not come out?

Here you find a list of seven points that should be checked when you observe problems with a lack of outcoming text messages from the AMODIT system:

  1. Check system logs. There may be some error message that may show where the problem lays.
  2. Check in the system settings whether SmsApi or Custom SMS Gateway integrations are on ([4] or [5] on the picture below) and are set correctly. Only one of them should be switched on.
  3. Check in the system settings whether the ShowFunctionsForExternalUsers is switched on ([5] on the picture below).
  4. Check if an external user to whom you send a text message is on „Blocked” users list.

    If so then consider to switch on „Send emails to inactive users” system parameter ([5] on the picture below).
  5. Check whether an external user has the same e-mail address as some interal one. If so then this external user will be treated as the internal-type user and the GrantTemporaryAccessToCase() function will not work (i.e. it will not send any access code vie e-mail or text message/SMS).
  6. Ask IT administrators whether they have recently changed anything in the network infrastructure, i.e. they may have blocked outcoming communication with SMS gateways on some proxy or firewall.
  7. Ask IT administrators or your SMS gateway provider if there have been recently any changes to the sending text message tariff. Maybe some economic tariff has been chosen or the sending text message services have expired.

If none of the above solves the problem please contact your AMODIT support consultant.

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