This function makes a excel file from a report in case and adds it to case attachments or specifed field in case form.


ExportReportToExcel(reportField, fileName, [documentField])


  • reportField – (String) Name of field which contains report
  • fileName – (String) Name of the generated file, can end with .xlsx or it will be added automatically
  • documentField – (String) [Optional] Name of the field which will contain excel file if empty or not included, generated file will be a case attachment

Return Value

Returns true if operation was succesful, otherwise returns false.

Type: Boolean


Example 1

Converts nested report from field with name „nameOfReportField” to excel file with name „myReport.xlsx” and adds it to document type field in case form by name of the field „docFieldName”.

ExportReportToExcel("nameOfReportField", "myReport.xlsx")

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