This function will return values from specified field/column in specified tablethat satisfy specified condition.



Function arguments

  • source – (String) Name of the table from which data is to be retrieved. This can be nested table (i.e. 'table1>table2′)
  • fieldName – (String) Name of the field/column from which data is to be retrieved
  • conditionalFieldName – (String) Name of the field which value is to be tested as condition
  • operator – (String) Logical operator to be used when comparing conditional field actual value with expected one. Allowed values: [ = | == | != | <> | < | > | <= | >= ]
  • conditionalValue – (String) Expected value that conditional field is being compared to using specfied operator
  • separator – (String) Char sign, that will separate individual values concatenated in output string

Return value

This function returns String.
Returns string containg all returned values separated by specified separator.


Example 1:
This will get all values from 'column1′ in 'table1′ from all rows in which 'column5′ is equal to '5′ and store output as single string with individual values separated by '#’.

output = ConditionalGet("table1","column1","column5","==","5","#");
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