This function will return the first subordinate for specified manager. Optionally, subordinate login can be specified, if so, function will check if this login is a subordinate of specified manager.



Function arguments

  • managerLogin – (String) Login of the manager for which subordinate is to be retrieved
  • userLogin – (String) [Optional] Login of the user to be found as subordinate of specified manager

Return value

This function returns String.
Returns the name of first subordinate of specified manager. If optional user login was specified, function will return that login if its’ user is a subordinate of specified manager or an empty string otherwise


Example 1:
This will get login of first subordinate of 'rsimmons’.

subordinate = GetSubordinate("rsimmons");

Example 2:
This will return 'johnd’ if he is a subordinate of 'rsimmons’ or an empty string if not.

subordinate = GetSubordinate("rsimmons","johnd");
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