This function will add a new transfer or update it if exist.


AddTransfer("Company","CompanyAddress", "Contractor", "Contractor address" , "Contractor account", "Count", "Due date", "Description", "Account",  "RuleName", "VAT", "NIP");

Function arguments

  • Company – (String) Id or title of the case with company details
  • CompanyAddress – (String) Company address
  • Contractor – (String) Contractor name
  • Contractor address – (String) Contractor address
  • Contractor account – (String) Contractor account
  • Count – (Decimal) Amount of the transfer
  • Due date – (DateWithTime) Due date of the transfer
  • Description – (String) Description of the transfer
  • Account – (String) [Optional] Account from which the transfer will be made. You can miss this argument and set account later
  • RuleName – (String) [Optional] Rule, that will fired after accept transfers
  • VAT – (Decimal) [Optional] VAT of the thransfer, if you want to use split method
  • NIP – (String) [Optional] Company NIP, if you want to use split method

Return value

This function returns Boolean.
Returns true if a new transfer has been added or updated successfully.


Example 1:
„Company” as a value of field type „reference”

AddTransfer([Company], [CompanyAddress], [Contractor], [Contractor address], [Contractor account], [Count], [Due date], [Description], [Account])

Example 2:
„Company” as a string and missed account

AddTransfer("CompanyName", [CompanyAddress], [Contractor], [Contractor address], [Contractor account], [Count], [Due date], [Description])

Example 3:
Example of using split method

AddTransfer("CompanyName", [CompanyAddress], [Contractor], [Contractor address], [Contractor account], [Count], [Due date], [Description],"", "",[VAT], [NIP])

See this article (in polish)

Example 4:
Using rule

AddTransfer("CompanyName", [CompanyAddress], [Contractor], [Contractor address], [Contractor account], [Count], [Due date], [Description],"", "SomeRuleName")
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