Create copy of current case.


CopyAndAssignCase("AssignTo","StageName","Field name 1","Field name 2");

Function arguments

  • AssignTo – (String) User to whom case will be assigned
  • StageName – (String) Copied case will be created in this stage
  • excludedField – (String) [Optional] List of field names for which values are not copied

Return value

This function returns Decimal.
Returns the ID of new case, or 0 if there was an error while creating a copy of a case.


Example 1:
Create a copy of the current case in Start stage and assign it to user from AssignTo field. Value of the month field is not copied. Store created copy ID in 'newCase’ variable and use it in call to 'Set’ function.

newCase = CopyAndAssignCase([AssignTo],"Start","Month");
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