The AddNews() function creates news (with a subject and a text message) for the specified (or all) departments.


AddNews(departmentName, subject, text);

Function arguments

  • departmentName – (String) a name of a department to which the news is addressed. You can pass many department names separated by semicolon ’;’ or an empty string for all departments;
  • subject – (String) a subject of the news;
  • text – (String) the news content (text message).

Return value

This function returns Boolean.
This function always returns true.


Example 1:
This will create a news for IT department.

AddNews( "IT", "News title", "Message" );

Example 2:
This will create a news for IT and Accounting departments.

AddNews( "IT;Accounting", "News title", "Message" );

Example 3:
This will create a news for all departments.

AddNews( "", "News title", "Message" );


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