The TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod() function changes a signing period (an expiration date) of the document. In most cases this function will be used to extend this date. To use this function you must fulfill these requirements:

  • the document is not yet signed or rejected,
  • retention date is not set or has not passed yet.


TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod(Document, SigningPeriod)
TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod(Document, SigningPeriod, IsSendingReminder)
TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod(Document, SigningPeriod, IsSendingReminder, EnableSlidingRetention)

Function arguments

  • Document – (Object) a document sent to sign in Trust Center. It can be value of the document field or the attachment identifier;
  • SigningPeriod – (DateWithTime) [Optional] a date after document signing period is going to expire;
  • IsSendingReminder – (Boolean) [Optional] an option to send an email reminder. False by default;
  • EnableSlidingRetention – (Boolean) [Optional] this parameter allows to change a retention date if signing period is greater than retention date instead of returning an error. False by default.

Return value

This function returns String.
The TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod() function returns empty string if the signing period was successfully set. Returns the error description if something went wrong.


Example 1

A document signing period will expire after one month from now if signature process is not completed.

nextMonth = DateAdd("month", CurrentDateTime(), 1);

Example 2

This code allows to extend a retention date if it is lesser than the signing period.

TrustCenterSetSigningPeriod([Document], [SigningPeriodDate], false, true);


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