Searches for keywords in specified cases with specified procedure names.



Function arguments

  • keywords – (String) Keywords to be found.
  • targetCases – (String) Specifies whether to search only in current case, all but current case or all cases. Allowed values [ current | notcurrent | all ]
  • procedureNames – (String) [Optional] List of names of procedures separated by semicolon (’;’). If not set, all cases will be searched.

Return value

This function returns String.
Returns case identiefiers separated by semicolon.


Example 1:
This will return case identifiers for every case that contains specified keyword in any field, comment or attachment.

FindInCases("FV1234//2014", "all");

Example 2:
This will search for keyword in all but current case, in procedures named 'Invoice’ or 'Order’ and store case identifiers in 'keywordOccurences’ variable. If any occurences were found, ShowMessage will be called.

keywordOccurences = FindInCases("FV1234//2014", "notcurrent", "Invoice;Order");
if(Length(keywordOccurences) > 0){
ShowMessage(2,"Invoice has already been registered in cases " + keywordOccurences)
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