This function checks if specified user is in specified group.


IsGroupMember("userLogin", "group");
IsGroupMember("userLogin", "group", true);

Function arguments

  • userLogin – (String) The login of the user for which group membership is to be checked.
  • groupName – (String) Name of the group
  • checkReplacement – (Boolean) [Optional] if true then check if specified user is replacement of user from group

Return value

This function returns Boolean.
Returns true if user is in group, otherwise false.


Example 1:
This will check if user 'jsimmons’ is in 'managers’ group and store return value in 'inGroup’ variable.

inGroup = IsGroupMember("jsimmons", "managers");

Example 2:
This will check if current user is in group indicated by '[Allowed group]’ case field and if true, close the case.

if(IsGroupMember(CurrentUser(), [Allowed group]) == false
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