The TrustCenterAddNewSigners function is used to add new persons to the existing signers list in Trust Center, in order to collect their signatures.



Function arguments

  • Document – (UNKNOWN) (UNKNOWN) Document to sign. Serves to identify the document in TrustCenter for which the list of signers is to be extended. It can be the value of the document field or the AttId of the attachment.
  • Creator – (UNKNOWN) User that will be set as a person who send documents to sign
  • TableName – (String) Name of the table with signers list.
  • PartialSigning – (Object) [Optional] If true then signing process has to be finished manually.
  • TableFieldsMapping – (Object) [Optional] Mapping of fields from table with signers list. If empty string then default mapping is used. Signers list have to contains columns with names (not display names): FirstName, LastName, CompanyRole, Company, Email, Phone

Return value

This function returns String. Returns empty string if new signers were successfully sent to TrustCenter, otherwise returns error description if something went wrong.


Example 1: This will add people listed in Signers table Trust Center with current user as a creator

TrustCenterAddNewSigners([Agreement], CurrentUser(), "Signers")

Example 2: This will add people listed in Signers table Trust Center with current user as a creator. Names of the fields from Podpisujący table are in polish so they are mapped in map variable. Parameter „partialSigning” is set to true, so signing process must be completed manually.

map.Email="Adres email"
TrustCenterAddNewSigners([Umowa], CurrentUser(), "Podpisujący", "true", map)
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