Ustawienia systemowe -Interfejs użytkownika

User interface version

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AllowLookChange Allow users to change between old and new interface version
ForceNewLook Force users to use new interface if not set in user setting
UseCaseList2 Use CaseList2
newExternalUI newExternalUI
ShowBackToOldLookExternal Should extarnal users on new case look be able to go back to old look
If checked case list view will have disabled loading more case on scroll. On bottom of list will be placed button that allows load next cases

List size

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Visibility and order of columns on list of users
CaseListPageSize Max number of cases on case list page
CaseHistoryPageSize Max number of changes on case history tab
ScanListPageSize Maximum scans on one page
SettingsPageSize Number of users displayed in Settings.aspx.
GroupsPageSize Number of users displayed in Groups.aspx.


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AlternateCSS Alternate CSS stylesheet
PageTitlePrefix Prefix used in page titles
ChangeColorStyle Change the colors of the User interface
PrimaryButtonCustomColor Primary button in custom color

User interface

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DisplayLanguages Languages in which administrator can define display names
PerfMonPages Run performance monitor on these pages
ShowFunctionsForExternalUsers Funcionalities for external users are avaliable
ShowPopupError Show error popup
MaxConcurrentSessions Maximum number of concurrent user sessions
AcceptanceDisplayType Acceptance display type
AddCommentToSignatureField Add comment to signature field
ShowRuleErrors Show errors in rules to procedure administrator
ShowRuleErrorsToUsers Show information about rule errors to users
UseOldHistory Use old case history mechanizm
UseAMODITStore Allow to import/export procedures to AMODIT store
UseMonospaceFont Use monospace font for read only long text fields with new line characters
ShowAttPreviewOnlyOnIcon Show document preview only when mouse pointer is over file type icon
UseGoogleStatistics Use Google statistics
AutoSaveCases Auto save cases every n minutes (0 – don’t autosave)
AddCommentFromSendMessage Add comment when SendMessage function was called
TablesScrolledSeparately Tables on form are scrolled separately not with all page
UseAMODITBrowserControls Use AMODITBrowserControls.dll
Show Help menu on navbar
Show AMODIT 'Help’ menu
ScrollStyle Scroll style definition
OutlookProcesses Processes for outlook addin
UserDisplayNamePattern Pattern for user display name
EnableProcedureLanguageFilter Enable procedure language filter to show it only in specied languages
HideNotificationMenu Hides notification menu

Case list tabs

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ShowConOnToDoList Show cases where user is added as contributor on To Do list
ShowNewCaseDialog Show new case dialog when procedure is selected
AddCaseListTab Add tabs to case list page. Pairs of values: tab title, page url, separated by semicolon, eg. Clients;http://servername/clientlist.aspx
ShowProceduresAsTiles Show procedures on list as tiles
HideBookmarkNewCase Hide 'New Case’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkInbox Hide 'Inbox’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkMine Hide 'Mine’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkForwarded Hide 'Forwarded’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkClosed Hide 'Closed’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkAll Hide 'All’ system bookmark
HideNewReportButton If set to true then only administrators can create reports
HideBookmarkMyTeam Hide 'My Team’ system bookmark
HideBookmarkRepository Hide 'Repository’ system bookmark
HideAdvancedSearch Hide advanced search option and lists and views option
HideNewCaseButtonInbox Hide 'create new case’ button in inbox
DefaultPage Default case list page

User profile

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ProfilePictureHeight Height of picture which is in UsersProfile.ascx.
ProfilePictureWidth Width of picture which is in UsersProfile.ascx.
ProfilePictureMaxSize Max size of user’s picture in bytes.
ProfilePictureThumbHeight Height of user’s picture thumbnail.
ProfilePictureThumbWidth Width of user’s picture thumbnail.
FBAppId Facebook application Id for downloading pictures.
UseFacebook Allow users to get their data from Facebook
DisallowUsersToEditData Blocks users from editing their organization data

Document templates

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UseAttachmentTemplate It allows you to use templates attachments
AttachmentTemplatePath Catalog used for working with Excel templates
AddCaseNoToAttachment Add case number (CaseId) to attachment name
UseOfficeComponents Can be true only if MS Office is installed on server
ShowNotrequiredTemplates Show not required templates in case header


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Default barcode type
The default type of bar codes for the new fields on the form.
Barcode height
Barcode default height in pixels
Show text below barcode
Show text below barcode
Enable barcode printing
Show a link below barcode which will allow printing this barcode. Barcode printing is possible after installing AMODITClientTool on the computer from which the codes will be printed. AMODITClientTool component is available free of charge.
Print barcode as image
Send barcode image to barcode printer
Barcode print template
Template for barcode printer, barcode text will be generated in place marked by ##code##. It is used when barcode is sent as text, not as image.
Scale of the barcode fields in percent
Split scans by barcodes
You can put barcode on first page of every document and then you can scan them together. Documents will be divided by barcodes.
Scale of printout
Scale of the barcode fields in percent on printed forms
RegEx for barcodes used for splitting
RegEx to define which barcodes should be used for scan splitting. It is useful to exclude barcodes not put by you.
Attach scans to case by barcode
Read number in barcode on scanned document and look for this number in cases titles. If there is a match attach this document to found case.
Barcode recognition timeout
Timeout in seconds for barcode recognition process
Page rotation angles list
Rotation page by these angles while trying to find code on pages
Split scans by blank page
You can put blank page between scanned documents and scan them together as one PDF. AMODIT will split it into separate documents.

Document options

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Color pptimization
set numbers of colors in compressed document or turn it off compression
Max PDF size
do not process files larger than [in Bytes]
Max number of preview pages
Office Online Server URL
URL of Office Online Server used for online document editing
Server discovery file
Discovery file from Office Online Server (http://url/hosting/discovery)
Server IP
IP of Office Online Server
Office converter command
Program for converting MS Office document to PDF
Command attributes
Attributes for converting MS Office document to PDF, {0} – place for source file name, {1} – place for output directory
Supported formats
File extensions that are supported by converter
Thumbnail storage path
Path specifying where thumbnail will be stored
CombinedAttachmentsFileMaxSize Max. allowed size for file with combined attachments from report (in MB)
ReportMaxPagesNumIncludedIntoPDF Max. number of report pages which are included into PDF file with attachments (0 – stands for „no limit”)
UseGdPictureForFileTypes Use GdPicture library as Office documents converter for specified file types
Forbidden file extensions
extensions that are prohibited (coma separated) ex.: pdf,docx
UseAntiVir Check uploaded documents in antivirus software

Show\hide buttons

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Hide adding multiple documents
Hide returning to case list
Hide link to scan list
Hide link to news
Hide „New process” button
Hide „Change process” button
Hide „Delete case” button
Hide link to users and groups lists for non administrators
Hide users and groups list for non administrators
Hide My Signatures button
Hiding My Signatures from users dropdown menus

Print parameters

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PrintPageHeader Header of printed page
PrintPageFooter Footer of printed page
MailPrintPageFooter Footer for mails sended by function SendCasePrintMail
PrintToPDF Print form page generate PDF
PrintToPDFParams Parameters for wkhtmltopdf.exe
PrintCss Custom css styles for print. You can use class definied in print version, for example: .ParamsPrintBody, .PrintParamsSectionTable {font-size:13px !important;}. To find more CSS classes please check HTML source of the page with print version.

Table field

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HistoryTableFieldXsl HistoryTableFieldXsl

Settings of form fields controls

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Large dictionary threshold
Determines how big dictionary need to be to be treated as large. For large dictionaries search box will show up instead of dropdown list
MaxSpacesSequence The maximum quantity of spaces after each
Max Varchar length
Max length of varchar field in database
Max Text field length
Max length of text field


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ExtUserCategoryDictionary Determines which dictionary is used as a list of procedure categories. Put id of correct dictionary. Dictionary Id you can find by going to the menu Dictionaries and selecting a specific dictionary. Read ID from URL. For example …/ forms/Dictionaries.aspx?DictId=1
ExtUserSubCategoryDictionary Id of dictionary to display Procedure sub-categories
ProcedureTypeDictId Which dictionary is used to set procedure type
ShowUnknownProcedure Allow creating cases with unknown procedure


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ShowHistograms It enables the detection of anomalies in the way of transfer of cases. Anomalies are presented in the lists of cases.
HistogramsPeriod Time period in years, cases from this period are used to build histograms
HistogramsShowDebug Show debugging informations from histograms


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Full-text search params
GhostView params for generating tiff from pdf in fulltextsearchjob
Thumbnail params
GhostView params for generating thumbnail and preview image from pdf
Barcode params
GhostView params for generating tiff from pdf in barcode recognition module
AttachmentThumbnailMaxSize Attachment thumbnail max width or height.
AttachmentPreviewMaxSize Specifies the size of the document preview image and affects the quality of the preview. A lower value means lower resolution but smaller preview file size. A higher value means better preview quality, but a larger preview file size in the database.
Recommended values min 800 max 1200.


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SaveRulesProfilerInfo Save rules execution time in database
RulesProfilerThreshold If all rules for case runs for more than given ammount of seconds then info is save to systemlog


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EnableProcedureScope Enable scope to filter lists by desired procedures
DisableScopeSelect Disable the ability to select scopes for not admin users.
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