CurrentUser() function returns a login of the current user, e.g. the user who clicked the rule button on the case toolbar or the one who fired the automatic rules.




  • realUser – (Boolean) (default false) if true then the function returns the login of an administrator who is logged in on behalf of the current;
  • checkDeputy – (Boolean) (default true) if true then the function returns the login of the current user’s deputy person.

Return value

Returns string.
This function returns the user’s login or an empty string if it was not found.


Example 1:
This will store the current case user’s login in a variable named 'currentLogin’.

currentLogin = CurrentUser();

Example 2:
This will send a message to the current user with specified subject and content.

SendMessage(CurrentUser(), "Error", "Please review your application form.");

Example 3:
This checks if the current user’s deputy person is an owner of the current case.

if (CurrentUser(false,true)==[CaseOwner]) { }
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