A Renumerate() function renumbers cases which were previously auto-numbered according to a „NumberType” value. It uses a „SearchKey” value to select cases for renumbering and begins operating at a „FromNumber” value. A „NumberFieldName” field receives a string value that has been matched and its decimal representation is stored in a „SortFieldName” field.


Renumerate(NumberType, SearchKey, FromNumber, NumberFieldName, SortFieldName);

Function arguments

  • NumberType – (String) an identification of autonumbering;
  • SearchKey – (String) a key for which cases will be renumerated;
  • FromNumber – (String) from which number renumeration should start;
  • NumberFieldName – (String) a name of the case field in which a string of new autonumber value is stored;
  • SortFieldName – (String) a name of the case field in which a decimal sorting value is stored.

Return value

This function returns Boolean.
The Renumerate() function returns true.


Example 1

The function renumbers all „DocumentTypeA” cases for a given „Employee” starting at the third record, „3”. New values are stored in the „Number” and „SortValue” fields.



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