A RemoveCaseFromNextNumber() function removes registered numbers for the current case.

WARNING! If a proper renumeration (using function Renumerate()) is not done after removing a case from a numeration, there is a risk of the numeration system not to work properly.



Function arguments

  • CaseID – (Decimal) a case id which to remove from numbering.

Return value

This function returns String.
The RemoveCaseFromNextNumber() function returns a list of removed entries in JSON format (see example no 1 below).


Example 1

This will remove all generated autonumbers for the current case.

ShowMessage(2,"A list of removed auto numbers for the case "+[CaseId]+": "+RemoveCaseFromNextNumber([CaseId]));

A sample result in JSON format from RemoveCaseFromNextNumber():

		"type": "RNN vs FaRNN",
		"key": "AlaMcOta",
		"date": "2024-06-12 00:00:00",
		"number": 103,
		"letter": "" 


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