The GetDictionaryItem() function returns a value of the dictionary position/item parameter. You have to provide a name of the dictionary, the position/item value and the parameter name.


GetDictionaryItem(dictionaryName, itemValue, paramName);

Function arguments

  • dictionaryName – (String) a name of the dictionary;
  • itemValue – (String) a value of the dictionary position/item;
  • paramName – (String) a name of the parameter that is to be returned for the given dictionary position. Allowed values: [ id | description | externalId | index | value | displayValue | displayDescription | category | categoryId | externalCategoryId ].

Return value

This function returns String.
Returns the value of the specfied parameter from the dictionary position.


Example 1

This returns the description parameter value of the „A” position/item in the „Cost type” dictionary.

fieldId = GetDictionaryItem("Cost type","A","description");
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