This function returns specified property value for specified external organization (Uses case owner organization or case creator organization). Possible properties to be retrieved values are shown below.



Function arguments

  • propertyName – (String) The name of the property that is to be retrieved for specified external organization. Allowed values: [ regon | nip | region | iban | city | street | streetnumber | postcode | district | community | phone | fax | email ]

Return value

This function returns String.
Returns value of specified property for specified external organization or an empty string if there is no value set.


Example 1:
This will return 'nip’ value of external organization.

data = GetExtOrganizationData("nip");

Example 2:
This will return 'region’ (’wojewodztwo’ in polish) value of external organization.

data = GetExtOrganizationData("region");

Example 3:
This will return 'regon’ value of external organization.

data = GetExtOrganizationData("regon");
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