Returns string which contains status (or other property) of document from specified field in Trust Center. If document is not yet signed then second parameter is ignored and status is returned. There is one exception: if status is „rejected” then it is possible to return rejection comment by specyfying „userComment”


TrustCenterCheckStatus([Document], "property")

Function arguments

  • Document – (UNKNOWN) Document to check status. It can be value of document field or AttId of attachment
  • Property – (String) [Optional] Property to return as a result. Allowed properties are: „status”, „documentGuid”, „blockNo”, „blockHash”, „userComment”. Default value is „status”.

Return value

This function returns String. Returns json with status of the document. Possible status values: „NotYetSigned”, „Signed”, „Rejected”. If status is equal to „Signed” then response may return following properties: „documentGuid”, „blockNo”, „blockHash” if they are specified in second parameter. If status is „Rejected” then response may return „userComment” property.


Example 1: Returns signing status of document from specified field


Example 2: Returns signing status of document from specified field. This usage will provide the same return value as function with single parameter

[Status]=TrustCenterCheckStatus([Document], "status")

Example 3: Returns guid of specified document if it is already signed. Otherwise this will return status like „NotYetSigned”

[Guid]=TrustCenterCheckStatus([Document], "documentGuid")

Example 4: Returns comment provided while rejecting a signature. This will work only if status is „rejected”

[RejectionComment]=TrustCenterCheckStatus([Document], "userComment")
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