This function fetches the file of extract of the specific organization from the Polish public register 'KRS’ via '’ API and saves the file as an attachment on the selected case.


Rejestr_io_GetAndSaveKRSExtract("Organization id","Attachment name",["Field name"],["Case id"])


  • organizationId – (String) the identificator of the organization (’NIP’ number or 'KRS’ id), more details on official '’ API docs:

Return Value:

Returns ID of newly created attachment or error description from API/AMODIT

Type: String



This will download the extract of company with id '123′ from API and then, the file is saved as attachment with name 'extractOrg123.pdf’ into the list of documents on the current case.


The extract is fetched from API and save directly as attachment into the field called 'extractField’ on the current case (NOT into the list of documents).


The extract is fetched from API and saved as attachment into specified field on the selected case. The case is indicated by id '100′.

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