Checks if value in the field is valid or given value can be assigned to given case field.



Function arguments

  • fieldName – (String) The name of the field to be tested
  • fieldValue – (String) [Optional] The test value for the field

Return value

This function returns Boolean.
Returns true if specified value can be assigned to specified field, otherwise false.


Example 1:
Check if value in field Customers is valid value for this kind of field.

isValid = IsValidFieldValue("Customers");

Example 2:
This will check if 'Datacom’ string is appropriate value for 'Customers’ field and store return value in 'isValid’ variable.

isValid = IsValidFieldValue("Customers", "Datacom");

Example 3:
This will check if 'ABC’ is appropriate value for 'Amount’ field and if true, do something.

//do something
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